Welcome Message

Welcome Message from IWA

The water sector is often seen as slow to change, and to adopt new technologies; this is changing, and our sector is beginning to learn from other sectors where technological disruption are more accepted. This change is being driven by a number of different forces, such as the right to water, the SDG’s and even most obvious climate change which will impact hydrological situations. Extreme weather events and growing water scarcity are thus significant drivers for innovation in wastewater management, water reuse, desalination and water quality technologies. Creating water resilience for growing urban areas is a clear priority for the sector.

International cooperation and collaboration is critical to combat the issues. I am glad to see that IWA-ASPIRE have provided a platform for these purposes in the Asia-Pacific region. IWA-ASPIRE has been established in promoting communications and collaborations within the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to the cooperation and collaboration, it is a platform for sharing the best practice, growing in knowledge and strengthening the bonding in the sector. The 8th IWA-ASPIRE Conference and Exhibition will be hosted in Hong Kong on 31 October to 2 November 2019 with the theme of “Smart Solutions for Water Resilience”. Hundreds of experts, specialists and leaders from the sector will meet and share in this Asian metropolitan city with excellent conference and meeting facilities.

Under the main theme of “Smart Solutions for Water Resilience”, full spectrum of issues in water industry will be discussed and shared in the conference. From policy and governance to management and technologies will be addressed in the conference. With the participation of all sections in water industry, I am looking forward to a fruitful conference in Hong Kong in 2019 accelerating therefore the implementation of solutions!

See you in Hong Kong in 2019.


Mrs Diane D’ARRAS
President, IWA